Fracking in Florida is Dangerous

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Protecting Florida’s natural resources, our environment, and our quality of life should be a top priority for our state. Instead some of Florida’s lawmakers are pressing legislation forward to further allow “hydraulic fracturing” (or “fracking”) in Florida to become more widespread and common for our state. HB 191 will allow the intrusive and disruptive process of blasting hundreds of thousands of gallons of water and acid (including hundreds of chemicals that lawmakers do not want us to know about) into the rock below ground in order to release oil and gas trapped in the bedrock. This is dangerous for Florida.

On December 2, 2015, Channel 10 news, out of Tampa Bay, reported:

“The Agriculture and Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee voted 9-3 for the bill (HB 191) after hearing about 30 members of the public and lobbyists comment on the measure, nearly all of whom opposed it out of environmental and health concerns. The vote was along party lines, with Republicans in favor and Democrats against.”

This bill has one more committee stop before it can move to the agenda for the 2016 Regular Session. I am urging all of Florida to stand up against fracking and I ask our lawmakers to take a responsible and sensible approach by banning fracking in Florida.

Some of the consequences surrounding fracking include the possibility of disrupting Florida’s only natural aquifer and contaminating our water supply. Fracking could cause unimaginable seismic damage that may lead to earthquakes and sinkholes, as was the case for Ohio (see story here). And, if that’s not enough, according to John Dickert, a retired mechanical engineer from Madison (as reported by the Miami Herald), “the proposed bill does not include the safe disposal of the radioactive wastewater used in the process and fails to protect the water supply…”

Additionally, the proposed bill seeks to take away a city’s local authority to stop fracking in their city. This is not good for Florida.

It’s time to put the best interests of Florida’s residents first instead of selling us out and allowing oil and gas companies to permanently damage our state and our way of life. I am committed to protecting our families, protecting our environment and protecting Florida, especially from those who would rather put profit over people and jeopardize our quality of life. It’s shameful that our state continues to vehemently deny affordable healthcare to millions of Floridians yet want to endanger our health by allowing the risky and unsafe process of fracking. I urge local city officials to move quickly to pass local ordinances banning fracking in their cities and to protect our families. The risk is too high for Floridians, young and old. And, the damage fracking causes is irreparable.


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